Why Choose Montrose Manor

Facing and dealing successfully with an eating disorder is one of the most difficult and challenging things that many people face in their life. It is essential to find a treatment centre that will work for you or your loved one.

Montrose Manor has three key elements that work together to achieve the results for which we are renowned.

1) The Clinical Programme

Montrose’s comprehensive three phase programme encourages healing through awareness, helping clients focus on their relationships with themselves, with others and with their environment.

Our holistic, mindfulness-based programme encourages re-connection with the core self, increasing client’s quality of life and the chances of a sustained recovery.

The Montrose programme is designed to help clients restore themselves to physical, psychological and spiritual strength in preparation for a life in recovery.

2) The Professional Team

The extended treatment programme is implemented by a highly experienced counselling team. This team has
been treating people with various eating disorders for many years. With information from the client, family members and referring agents, an individualised treatment programme is created.

3) The Setting

The setting of Montrose Manor is of significance. It is a large house with a warm, homely atmosphere and gentle clinical ethos. Treatment is less institutional than the standard primary in-patient setting and is therefore ideally suited to extended care.

The centre has a swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium and tranquil gardens, with a full view of Cape Town’s beautiful Table Mountain. There is a dedicated chef who prepares healthy meals consistent with a healthy and nutritional meal plan.

Contact us for more information or to have a PDF brochure emailed to you. You can call Montrose Manor on +27 (0)21 797 9270.